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Genuine Freshwater Pearls

Stainless steel & Hypoallergenic Hoop Earrings

Pearl Hoop Earrings

  • All of our jewelry hardware are made of hypoallergenic and high-quality materials. We guarantee long-lasting pieces; however, take note that the acidic nature of your sweat will often cause discolorations on your jewelry and may cause some of your pieces to fade.


    Silver and gold-plated jewelry can tarnish, not because of how expensive (or inexpensive) the piece may be, but because of the high level of acidity in your body. This especially happens when it is hot and humid outside. Oxidation causes your skin to turn green when it reacts to silver jewelry and gives it a tarnished appearance. Moreover, it is still dependent on what type of jewelry you are wearing (e.g., plated, filled, or vermeil). Learn more about different types of gold and silver jewelry on FAQ section on our website.

    • Avoid wearing it when you're taking a bath, working out, sleeping, and cleaning.
    • Avoid spraying perfume or other chemical when you're wearing the jewelry. (Do it before you wear your jewelry).
    • Store it in a closed box (jewelry box) but best to separate each jewelry inside the box.
    • Clean your jewelry by gently rubbing the surface of your jewelry using a soft jewelry cloth, helps restore shine. Do *not* use a polishing cloth as this will strip away the plating. If your jewelry needs more cleaning you may clean it with warm, soapy water. Soak it for a few minutes and you may clean it with a soft cloth. 
    • Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after every use. This will aid in preventing the accumulation of oils and other things that may have come into touch with your jewelry over the day.
    • Use a moist cloth only when necessary. If your pearls are clearly stained, combine lukewarm water and mild dish soap, soak a delicate cleaning cloth in the solution, and wipe the pearls. The silk thread of a pearl necklace will deteriorate if it is submerged in water.
    • Let them to dry completely before storing.
    • Never use a steam or ultrasonic jewelry cleaning on pearls. Both of these techniques are likely to harm the pearl's outer coating.
    • Wear your pearls often. Pearls do best in a moist environment, so wearing them frequently keeps them from drying out.
    • Last on, first off - this is the pearl care golden rule. Pearls should always be worn last, after dressing, applying perfume, makeup, lotions, hairspray, and other hair treatments. Also, always remove your pearls before getting undressed.
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