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Ship out every Saturday. Cut off order on Thursday. Orders to be made on Friday onwards will be ship saturday of next week.

Each item is handmade with care. Please allow 3-5 days before shipment.

Local Shipping

Shipping fees are subject to location in the Philippines

Luzon Provinces Php 150

Visayas Php 195

Mindanao Php 195

Our couriers are J&T, LBC and JRS express, depending on the available couriers.

International Shipping


Return policy

You may return the item within 3 days from date of delivery when

1. the product suddenly snapped

2. the product suddenly loosen

3.the hardware or lock loosen 

Products that have been evidently worn and damaged deliberately or by accident are not considered faulty and will not be accepted.

We will not refund payment when we can still repair the item.The Repair costs are free when the item is defected within 3 days after date of delivery. Proof of date of delivery is needed. Customer failing to inform us within 3 days will not be eligible for free repair.

customer is responsible for paying the shipping costs back and forth.

When the item is damaged and customer wants to have it repair but is beyond 3 days from date of delivery;

1. Email us and send your concern.

2. After receiving confirmation that the item can be repaired, the customer may send payment for repair fee including shipping fee for transporting it back to you.

3. Once the item has been received by us you will be notified and the item will be repaired 3-7 working days.

4. We will send an email once the item repaired has been ship to you.


Repair fees are subject to damage and additional materials needed.

Goods damaged in transit cannot not be replaced.

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