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Ardourela is a brand based in Philippines. Our shop was established since 2019 and has been creating jewelry since then. However it is now rebranded as Ardourela as a slow fashion brand. Ardourela is combination of word; ardour, strong, intense feeling of love or enthusiasm for someone or something, and ella, name of the owner which means feminine. Thus the name denotes passion or enthusiasm for feminism.


We are offering one of a kind pieces, and timeless staple pieces incorporating modern and classic designs.


Ardourela is a brand that provides spice to each style and aesthetic of one another. Celebrating confidence and individuality. our timeless jewelry is designed to help you express your individual styles whether minimal or bold.


Ardourela offers various range of high quality pearls in hypoallergenic and long lasting settings.


Every aspect of our jewelry is crafted with the utmost care and precision.

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